The Fun Road with Kass & Steve

How to Break Out of a Midday Slump

November 16, 2021

We all run into a midday slump from time to time and it sucks!

You know those days where you start off strong and productive and then you leave for your lunch break and by the time you get back, your drive is gone?

It’s like you hit a wall and suddenly you just feel drained and out of focus.

It can be super hard to get back in your groove.

This is a super quick episode, all about finding a way to recharge and reboot so you don’t get stuck in that midday slump!

Are you spending your breaks scrolling through social media, being bombarded by hundreds of other people’s emotions and 

Do you let others distract you from actually resting when you’ve got the time?

Maybe you’re even unknowingly keeping yourself from utilizing that free time to revitalize your energy.

In this episode, Kass and Steve share what works for them and give a few suggestions on how you can keep your energy and productivity up!

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