The Fun Road with Kass & Steve

It’s Your Life, Don’t Settle

October 19, 2021

Society has conditioned us to believe that we can’t have it all. It’s either this or that, not both.

You can have a career OR you can have a family.

You can make a lot of money OR you can have a job you love.

You can have this OR that, you have to choose.

But do we really have to choose? Or can we have this AND that?

In this episode, Kass and Steve talk about the limitations that we sometimes place on ourselves and our expectations for life.

They talk about breaking out of a “this or that” mentality and living with the mindset that you don’t have to choose between two great things, you can have them both.

You can have a happy home life AND a thriving career.

You can have a job you love AND make good money.

“Your brain always finds solutions to what you are planting the seeds for. It'll always be looking for solutions.”

Don’t get stuck in the “it’s not that bad” cycle that leads to settling for less than what you want and deserve.

Stop compromising on things that you don't HAVE to compromise on.

Stop placing limitations on your happiness and embrace a life where you can have this AND that.

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